conference logistics

 Where will the conference be held?

The Conference will be held on Princeton’s historic campus. The majority of conference proceedings will happen in Whig Hall and the Julis Romo Rabinowtiz Building (JRR).

How do I get to and around Princeton’s campus?

Please note that Princeton’s Tiger Shuttle does not run on weekends! Our campus Uber policy also states that Ubers and other ride sharing platforms are not allowed on central campus. However, the JRR can be reached by Uber as it is next to Washington Road. The campus is designed to be walkable and maps will be provided to all delegates.

Is there a conference hotel?

No, there is not a designated conference hotel. However, we offer recommendations on our website; see the “Fees & Logistics” section on the sidebar.

How does my delegation travel to the conference?

Again, see “Fees & Logistics" on our sidebar. We offer recommendations by air, car, and rail. If you would like more guidance, feel free to contact our Director of External Affairs at

conference policy

Can I use my laptop in committee?

No. PDI is a paper only committee. We find that this policy increases committee engagement and fun! You are welcome to bring laptops to the conference for other purposes, but use of any type of electronic device in committee is prohibited.

Is there a dress code for PDI?

Delegates are expected to be in western business attire for all Committee Sessions as well as Opening and Closing Ceremonies. However, out-of-committee events such as Delegate Socials are not covered by this dress code.


When are Committees and Background Guides released?

Committee topics will be announced in fall 2019 and Background Guides will be released in early 2020, with the exception of the ad hoc committee (BG to be released 24 hours before the start of committee).

Who can I contact if I have a question about my committee?

If you have a question about committee assignment, please get in touch with our Director of External Affairs, Martha Yin, at If you have a substantive committee question, contact our Director-General, Harry Shapiro, at You may also reach out directly to your chair once Committees are announced.

What is the Marathon Committee?

We’re so glad you asked! Our Marathon Committee is a unique offering on the circuit. This committee is run as a 24 hour committee, where you’ll have to deal with a crisis or war game in real time.

Is food provided?

For the Marathon Committee, we provide catered meals, snacks, and coffee breaks. We also take dietary restrictions into account when providing meals; the Marathon committee is fun and we want everyone to be as comfortable and well-fed as possible during this time!

For all other committees, the conference schedule will be designed to give you time to get meals on your own. Restaurant recommendations will be provided in delegate folders.