Venezuela 2020: Rebuilding a Nation

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Chair: Bozhidar (Bobo) Stankovikj

Hi there! I'm Bobo, a Macedonian senior in the Woodrow Wilson School. My proudest achievement at Princeton is being the founder (and President, and Treasurer, and only member) of the Macedonian Society. After serving as President of the International Relations Council last year, I'm excited to come back and chair at my final PMUNC. I'm hoping y'all will help me disrupt my usual routine of work, naps and longing for the return of Yugoslavia.


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Crisis Director: Olivia ott

Olivia Ott is a senior studying in the Woodrow Wilson School from Sun Valley, Idaho. This will be her fourth and final time (!) staffing PMUNC, and her second time serving as a CD. On campus, Olivia is involved with student government, the entrepreneurship club, club tennis, and Model UN. Her interests include Latin American politics, backpacking, classical piano, and attempting to convince her friends that Idaho is, indeed, a real state.

Topic Description

This committee will seek to address the ongoing political and socioeconomic crisis in Venezuela. Since the death of Hugo Chávez and the ascension of Nicholas Maduro to the presidency in 2013, Venezuela has experienced a period of intense turmoil and conflict, characterized by hyperinflation, massive emigration, political corruption, chronic shortages of food and medicine, and climbing crime and death rates. In the middle of one of the worst economic and humanitarian crises in history, the country has also been plagued by significant political instability as a result of numerous disputes over the legitimacy of its presidency and alleged coup d'etats. Delegates will take on the role of some of Venezuela's most important government officials and social actors during this committee while attempting to restore stability in a nation on the verge of total political and economic collapse.