United Nations Security Council: The Crisis in Central America

The United Nations Security Council has gathered for an emergency meeting to address the growing endemic of gang violence and drug-trafficking stemming from Central America. With stability quickly deteriorating, will the UNSC be able to address this growing regional and global threat while simultaneously respecting national sovereignty?

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Chair: Rahul Mehta

Delegates, welcome to the United Nations Security Council! My name is Rahul Mehta, and I'm extremely excited to be serving as your chair. A little bit about myself - I'm from Chicago, IL, and am majoring in Computer Science with a certificate in Statistics and Machine Learning. Apart from International Relations Council and Whig-Clio, I also am co-president of Princeton FinTech (a group that connects students with companies in the financial technology industry), and participate in several ongoing research efforts in the computer science department regarding machine learning and algorithmic bias. This is my 7th (and final) year of PMUNC (the first 3 as a delegate) - I'm confident that the delegates in the Security Council will make this my favorite PMUNC to date!

Email: rahulmehta@princeton.edu

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Crisis Director: Arul Gupta

Hey guys! My name is Arul Gupta, and I'm delighted be serving as your crisis director at PMUNC this year. This is my third time serving on PMUNC staff as part of a crisis committee and I’m super excited! A little bit about me – I'm from Bangalore, India, and am a junior studying Computer Science. In my free time, I love singing, playing the piano, and playing cricket as part of the Princeton Cricket Club. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all at PMUNC 2018!

Email: arulg@princeton.edu

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Over the past several years, the political and security situation in Central America has rapidly deteriorated. The region is plagued by endemic corruption, drug trafficking, and decaying political and social institutions. In the case of El Salvador, the criminal gang Mara Salvatrucha (also known as MS-13)'s far-reaching tentacles threaten to further destabilize the nation, while also acting as an exporter of transnational crime and narcotics. In Honduras, the disputed results of the presidential election between incumbent Juan Orlando Hernández and Salvador Nasralla have led to the declaration of a state of emergency. In Guatemala, the hopes of a nation behind anti-corruption crusader Jimmy Morales have been stymied by accusations of corruption and graft within his inner circle. As the domestic challenges of these nations begin to destabilize the dynamics of the entire region, the United Nations Security council will consider how to improve the situation while respecting national sovereignty. Certainly, there are many internal and international aspects alike; it will be up to you, delegates, to determine how and when the UNSC should take decisive action.