TANU National Executive Committee


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Chair: Ryan Chavez

I'm Ryan Chavez, a senior in the History Department pursuing a certificate in African Studies. I served as President of the International Relation Council in 2017-18 and think PMUNC is one of the most valuable experiences we can offer high school students. I play bass guitar in a band and write opinion for the Daily Princetonian. It's my goal to expose PMUNC delegates to historical crises in geographic locales not typically found in Crisis Committees. I look forward to PMUNC 2018!

Email: rdchavez@princeton.edu

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Crisis Director: Alex Fager

Hey guys! My name is Alex Fager, and I'm delighted be serving as your crisis director at PMUNC this year. This is my fourth time serving on PMUNC staff. A little bit about me- I'm from Niceville, Florida, and am a junior in the Woodrow Wilson School. Outside of class, I'm an advocate for Princeton Republicans, volunteer my time at the local farm, involved with Princeton's South Asian dance company Naacho, and am a proud member of the Princeton Yu-Gi-Yo team. When I'm not doing that stuff, you can catch me in the dining hall as I really like to eat. I really look forward to meeting you all at PMUNC 2018!

Topic Description

Karibuni! This Committee will simulate the highest political body of The United Republic of Tanzania during the 1970’s, the Tanganyika African National Union National Executive Committee. Tanzania turned leftwards in 1967 with the announcement of  The Arusha Declaration. As it embarked on its project to implement Ujamaa style socialism for development at home, the geopolitical situation of Africa in the 1970’s offered trials and tribulations for Tanzania. Alongside the struggles to implement socialism at home, this Committee will have to deal with crises and regional issues such as the emergence of Idi Amin as military leader of Uganda, wars of liberation in Southern Africa, and the international politics of the Organization of African Unity.