Princeton Diplomatic Invitational Executive Board

Meet the leadership team behind the first iteration of PDI.

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Alis Yoo, Director

A junior from Old Tappan, New Jersey, Alis is majoring in the Department of History.


Alexander Fager, Head of Content

Hello there and welcome! I'm Alex, and I'm so excited to be a part of the team that's running PDI. As the saying goes, "Sorry, the old PICSim can't come to phone right now. Why, 'cause it's dead." On campus, I'm involved with Naacho, our South Asian dance company, and the Model UN team. Off campus, my hobbies include five star dishes and different exotic fishes.

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BoBo Stankovikj, Head of External Affairs

Hi there! I'm Bobo, the bubbliest (and only) Macedonian on campus. I'm thrilled to be part of the new PDI, and I aim to be accessible whenever you have questions or concerns. Outside of PDI, I'm in Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School where I focus on climate policy, and you'll frequently find me giving tours, laughing in the dining hall, and building community. Here's to a successful PDI!


Andrew Li, Head of Social Operations

Hey there! I'm Andrew, and as you can see from the size of this bio, I'm not very substantive. Welcome!