The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an intergovernmental alliance between several North American and European countries based in the North Atlantic guarantees the freedom and security of its members through political and military means.



Hi! My name is Ana Sofia, a sophomore studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering. I am from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I participated in MUN throughout my four years in high school, and am excited to be chairing for this year’s PMUNC. I look forward to meeting you all this November! 


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TOPIC A: Russian Aggression in the Balkans

The Ukrainian crisis of 2013 is just one well-known example of Russian intervention in foreign nations. More recently, it has been interfering in the Balkans in order to inhibit Western influence in the region. In doing so, Russia hopes to keep these countries outside of organizations such as the European Union and NATO. Worried about the increasing military presence of Russia in the Atlantic, NATO Secretary General Jen Stoltenberg recently commented how, “[they] have seen a much more assertive Russia … a Russia which has over many years invested heavily in their military capabilities, modernized their military capabilities, which are exercising not only conventional forces but also nuclear forces.” Responding to Russia in the Atlantic, NATO has set up the new Atlantic Command and a new logistics command in order to increase NATO presence. Will NATO respond to Russian intervention in the Balkans (possible NATO allies) in the same manner? How will NATO aid Balkan countries interested in lining up their interests with the West?

TOPIC B: Refugee Crisis in the Aegean Sea

In 2016, the Aegean Sea became a popular escape route for refugees on their way to Greece or Turkey, which smugglers have taken advantage of. While helping refugees travel, smugglers often provide migrants with unsafe methods of transportation or without proper safety equipment.  In response to the increase in the flux of migrants, as well as the casualties in the process, in 2016 NATO sent military ships to the Aegean to help Greece and Turkey respond to the refugee crisis and deal with the refugee smugglers. However, the refugee crisis has surged again with most of the refugees coming from Syria. While NATO has taken action towards solving the problem in the past, the increasing number of refugees coming in weekly demonstrates that refugee smugglers have yet to be contained. Should NATO focus on addressing the smugglers in the region? How can NATO help decrease the amount of refugees coming in? How can NATO help Greece and Turkey aid the refugees?