The Fall of Constantinople Committee

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Chair: Atakan Baltaci

My name is Atakan, and I am a senior from Istanbul, Turkey. I am majoring at the Woodrow Wilson School, focusing on environmental policy. When I am not talking about my hometown, I enjoy visiting other towns and photography. This is my fourth PMUNC, and I am sure it will be the best one! See you in November!


Crisis Director: Kris Hristov

Kris Hristov is a sophomore at Princeton, with a prospective International Relations major in the Woodrow Wilson school. He is originally from Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria and speaks Bulgarian and Russian. He will also be pursuing certificates in Russian and Creative Writing. Kris is interested in the politics and history of Eastern Europe, space exploration and global domination.

Topic Description

The Fall of Constantinople (affectionately called the Conquest of Istanbul by the Turks) was the capture of the Byzantine Empire's capital by the Ottoman Empire. Mehmed II, the 21-year-old Ottoman Emperor, led a 53 day siege against the imperial capital of the crumbling Byzantine Empire. Istanbul's formidable walls, one of the strongest in the world at the time, and the Byzantine efforts to unify the Christian world against the siege proved to be a tough challenge to the Ottoman ambitions. As the Ottoman Divan-ı Hümâyûn (Imperial Council), your task is to overcome these challenges to accomplish the greatest military operation of your time.