Balkan Brawl: The Last Days of the Ottoman Empire in Europe



Chair: kris hristov

Kris Hristov is a rising Junior in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and International Affairs focusing on Eastern Europe and global security. He speaks English, Bulgarian and Russian.

This will be Kris' third year on the PMUNC.

Outside of Model UN Kris is involved in the Bulgarian Undergraduate Society and the Daily Princetonian newspaper. His interests include nuclear weapons, taking over the world and 80’s action films.



Crisis Director: Walker Stamps

Hi! My name is Walker, and I am a sophomore from Dahlonega, Georgia, considering economics or politics as possible concentrations. On campus, I am involved with the Model UN Team, breakdance with the Sympoh Urban Arts Crew, and write stories for the Daily Princetonian. In my free time I enjoy watching college football and wait for the day the Dawgs rightfully beat Alabama. I am excited to serve as secretary for the 2019-2020 International Relations Council.


Topic Description

Welcome to the tinderbox of European diplomacy: the Balkans. As the Ottoman Empire, “the sick man of Europe” continues to diminish in power, its liberated former vassal states namely: Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece plot against it. This Balkan League plans to wage a war to entirely dislodge the Turks from continental Europe. Each power however, is entangled in the intricate web of secret agreements, interests and treaties between the Great Powers of the day. Regardless of the war’s outcome, the balance of power will be radically changed. This committee will include an in depth wargame with to scale representation of troops and ships. It is recommended primarily for experienced delegates.