Manor Farm to Animal Farm and Back: The Rise of Communism in the USSR


Chair: maya mishra

My name is Maya, and I am a sophomore from Indianapolis, Indiana. I am a prospective Ecology & Evolutionary Biology major, with minors in Global Health & Health Policy and Planets & Life. I am interested in increasing global access to quality healthcare. On campus, I participate in conservation efforts with the Princeton Conservation Society, and volunteer with several health-related student groups. I did MUN all through my high school career, and am excited to be on the other side of the gavel!



Crisis Director: hannah to

My name is Hannah and I'm a sophomore from outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I'm planning on majoring in either economics or computer science, and I'm pursuing certificates in Spanish and sustainable energy. Outside of International Relations Council, I also compete on Princeton Debate Panel, am a member of the Whig-Clio governing council, and a board member for Society of Women Engineers and Energy Association. In my spare time I like finding as many free events to attend as possible and attempting to play volleyball. I look forward to meeting you all!


Topic Description

This committee will simulate George Orwell’s retelling of the Russian Revolution and the events that followed in Animal Farm, with each delegate playing the role of a different animal. Orwell’s classic extended metaphor portrays the 1917 Russian Revolution as the animals of Manor Farm overthrowing their human owner in the hopes of a more just system, and struggling to maintain the productivity of the farm. Just as communism in the USSR faced the threats of conflicting perspectives in leadership as well as outside pressure from other nations, this committee will strive to preserve and promote its version of Animalism amidst competing interests from different animals as well as neighboring farms.