Manor Farm to Animal Farm and Back: The Rise of Communism in the USSR


Chair: maya mishra

My name is Maya, and I am a sophomore from Indianapolis, Indiana. I am a prospective Ecology & Evolutionary Biology major, with minors in Global Health & Health Policy and Planets & Life. I am interested in increasing global access to quality healthcare. On campus, I participate in conservation efforts with the Princeton Conservation Society, and volunteer with several health-related student groups. I did MUN all through my high school career, and am excited to be on the other side of the gavel!



Crisis Director: hannah to

My name is Hannah and I'm a sophomore from outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I'm planning on majoring in either economics or computer science, and I'm pursuing certificates in Spanish and sustainable energy. Outside of International Relations Council, I also compete on Princeton Debate Panel, am a member of the Whig-Clio governing council, and a board member for Society of Women Engineers and Energy Association. In my spare time I like finding as many free events to attend as possible and attempting to play volleyball. I look forward to meeting you all!